What if instead of you going to a place, the place goes to you? AQ625 begins with this drastic, yet hypothetical situation; Socrates is freed from gravity and leaves a sinkhole behind. Our billboard poster presents the image of Socrates floating south of Lower Manhattan of New York. Its direction is undetermined and so is its timeline. Along with its mysterious time code, 6:25, our image borrows the language of film trailers whereby a future event is set for anticipation. Its potential narratives are left to be fulfilled by the visitor’s imagination.

This site extends the various dialogues provoked by Socrates’ sudden migration, with works by six artists and architects. Socrates escapes Astoria.

AQ625: Site on the Move, 2016
Inkjet vinyl on billboard


Dachal Choi, Potted Socrates

Dachal Choi is a New York based visual artist who was born in Seoul, Korea. As part of the millennial generation in Korea where the youth have a loose group consciousness yet still holds a strong need for public display and affirmation, her interest lies in the estrangements existing in a sense of community and personal identity. From Christmas as propaganda, to instant family, to rented friendships, her practice sews ambivalent values together to question instability and uncertainty within individuals and the societies they are members to. Choi is currently traveling across Tianjin in China where a failed imitation of New York exists as a ghost town.

Gustavo Gordillo, Algal Bloom

Gustavo Gordillo has a nearly-unconscious way of thinking about things/people/himself in terms of deserving things or not. Does that room deserve that rug? Does that woman deserve her snap benefits? He believes in the idea that some people are more entitled than others, and he thinks the gulf between us and them is natural, not artificial. His psyche and emotions are just some of the many commodities he believes his hard work has earned him.

He realizes that information about the successful can provoke resentment and envy among some, but thinks those in the grips of such emotions ought to be a bit more self-conscious about how transparent their motivations are. He tends to divide the world into racial and ethnic groups and think that the one he belongs to is better than the others. He thinks his own group is harder-working, less wasteful and more trustworthy. The American dream is based on hard work, not luck. He believes that. If he could eliminate a single word, it would be luck. Nothing about his life is lucky. Nothing. A lot of grace, a lot of blessings, a lot of divine order. But he doesn’t believe in luck. His dad owns a Tesla.

Mathew Suen and Gary Leggett, A Hole

Gary Leggett is a Peruvian architect based out of Lima while Mathew Suen is a Canadian designer in New York City. They met in graduate school and have since collaborated on various projects as Arquitectos Americanos.

Henry Ng, Movable Feast

Henry Ng is an architectural designer, writer and a native New Yorker. His writing has appeared in Volume Magazine, Architectural Record, and Pidgin Magazine. He currently works at Foster and Partners in NYC and admires the architecture of the Sith Empire.

Michael Sims, Socrates At

Michael Sims, born in 1988, Washington State, and currently lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. For the past four months, he has been interested in the ability to scatter. Sims's distorted diorama of Socrates Sculpture Park travels around the city and leaves the various snapshots of its adaptation to new environments.